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Mr Darcy's Guide to Courtship

Jane Austen's most famous (& most fancied) hero reveals the secrets of his success with the opposite sex, offering hints to both ladies and gentlemen on the rules of courtship

How to be Happy Though Married

A historical compendium of advice for any conceivable conjugal conundrum, from preventing your wife from wandering to the avoidance of a drunk husband's amorous advances

The Georgian Bawdyhouse

A lively introduction to the sexual underworld of 18th-century England, exploring the lives of those involved in the business of sex, including the 'nymph', the brothel-keeper and their clients

Royal Weddings

Potted history of almost 1000 years of British royal weddings, from Henry I – whose bride was believed by many to be a runaway nun – through Henry VIII's six attempts at matrimony, to the recent weddings of Princes William and Harry