Writer & Historian

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Hello! I am a writer, historian & genealogist with a special interest in the long eighteenth century, especially English social history and romantic relationships c.1660–1837.


I have four published books, including 'Mr Darcy's Guide to Courtship' and the historical compilation 'How to be Happy Though Married'. I have written features for BBC magazines, the National Archives, CNN.com, USA Today!, the Washington Post, and the Jane Austen Museum, and have been consulted on historical accuracy by the Radio Times and the i newspaper as a 'sexual and romantic history expert'. I am a reviewer for the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, a Q&A Expert for History Revealed magazine, and the blog about my research, the History of Love, has been featured in the Independent, the Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, Buzzfeed and slate.com.


I lecture about my research at public engagement and Higher Education events, including for BBC History Live! Festival, the National Maritime Museum, the V&A, No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum, Chiswick Book Festival and Oxford Brookes University. I have filmed with May Street Productions, Radio France and FindMyPast.co.uk as a talking head, and recorded a Valentine's Day special podcast on eighteenth-century sex for Dan Snow's History Hit.


I am mainly to be found buying books I don't need, and lamenting the fact that I don't have a dog.




[Disclaimer: While I am definitely called Emily, the jury is still out on whether I am, in fact, lovely.]


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