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Emily Brand is a writer, historian and genealogist.



She specialises in the social history of the eighteenth century and is currently researching the trials and tribulations of romantic (and not-so-romantic) relationships in England, from the seduction guides of Restoration scoundrels to the brothels of Georgian York and the novels of Jane Austen.

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My latest blog for the Washington Post – exploring the advice in 'The New Academy of Compliments' (1799) – is live, & has also been picked up by the Chicago Tribune, the Journal Gazette (Indiana) and NZ Stuff.


(I'm not being held responsible for any of the handy hints in there. It all gets a bit Robin Thicke.)


Husband hunting in C18th India

I was invited by the lovely people at FindmyPast to have an exclusive dig around in their British in India records. Here is the resulting video, exploring the experiences of those joining the 18th-century 'fishing fleet'...


Review for the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, on BBC4's documentary about the comic and literary arts